The National School Improvement Alliance will conduct the North Carolina State-wide Math Competition in Raleigh on February 3, 2018.  This year the event has been extended to include home school students.

Being good in math is about practice and to put in the practice time, students need motivation. This event is open to ALL 1st-8th Graders and is a great way to establish  excitement for math. 

Competition Specifics:
During a nearly 10-hour day, thousands of elementary and middle school students will rotate in and out of the competition sites, where they will work to qualify for the Regional Event to be held in Atlanta (March 2018). Hundreds will qualify for the Regional.

Cost of Event:
There is a small entry fee of only $10 per student to help defray cost, but the hundreds that will progress to the Regional and/or National Events pay no additional fees. We only have 220 slots per grade level and some levels are starting to fill up. More information is at www.mathchampions.org.  If there are more questions, please call me at 404 391-0249.

Dr. Boykins          
Competition Director