"Mad Science" Club

Hi Everyone,  I am so excited to offer small group "Mad Science" clubs to the home school community!  

My friend, Katie Blackburn, and I had great success leading small group book clubs this summer and would like to extend the opportunity to your children throughout the fall semester. Each hour-long session will include a FUN, hands-on, inquiry-based science investigation and will integrate reading and writing as well.  

Katie and I both have our Master Degrees in Reading Education and have years of experience teaching multiple grade levels. We both worked in the ASU summer reading clinic, so we know how to reach struggling readers while challenging students who are more advanced. Classes will be held in a classroom in my home.

The cost is $80 per student plus a one time supply fee of $10 for consumable materials so that each lesson can be hands on and messy!  Classes will begin the first week of September and last 14 weeks (ending the second week of December.)  Please email Katie Blackburn at katieshull@hotmail.com if you are interested!  Katie and I both also offer individual tutoring in all subjects for students who need a one on one approach or who need more intense interventions.